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Getting there
26.02.2018 - 20:02 - ...
Hungary and Germany 1 leading the table
14.07.2018 - 14:35 - This will probably be the shortest report about a round of the entire tournament, because this morning only the U12 female was playing. The First match to be over was between the Czech Republic and Germany 1. Luisa Bashylina set her opponents relativ...
Landessportschule Bad Blankenburg
24.08.2017 - 17:44 - Accomodation and Board will be provided at the Landessportschule Bad Blankenburg. The Landessportschule Bad Blankenburg is one of the famous house for sport in this part of Germany. The Landessportschule Bad Blankenburg is very attractive for suc...
Much to see in the U12 this morning
13.07.2018 - 20:59 - The U12 proved today that half of all age groups do not equal half of the excitement at the same time: the spectators, parents and coaches were offered a lot. The young talents from Europe gave everything to be successful for their team. The French d...
Romania is European Champion!
18.07.2018 - 07:51 - The German fans had hoped until the end that even at 1.5: 1.5 between Germany 1 and Romania: Everything could have happened in a very confused position on board 3. But in the end the Romanians deservedly won the European Championship 2018 in the U18 ...
Summer, sun and even more chess
14.07.2018 - 22:52 - The organization has established itself by now. The coffee and the food are punctually in the game room, there are daily reports, the pairings and rankings are posted informatively, the food tastes good and the sun shines, as if she also likes what i...
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