Much to see in the U12 this morning
13.07.2018 - 21:59

The U12 proved today that half of all age groups do not equal half of the excitement at the same time: the spectators, parents and coaches were offered a lot. The young talents from Europe gave everything to be successful for their team. The French did make yesterday's defeat in the U12 female forgotten and won 2-0 against the Czech team. The player with the highest Elo in the U12 female category is Hungarian Zsoka Gaal (2044). She won today in the match against Luisa Bashylina (Germany 1). In the end it was still 1-1, because Svenja Butenandt equaled the match with the white pieces. 1-1 was also the result of the German duel between teams 2 and 3, Helena Ulrich brought Germany 3 into the lead, but Saskia Pohle won her game with many ups and downs in the end! You can see how balanced the field is in the many undecided matches.


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