EYTCC2018 » The day of decision is approaching

The day of decision is approaching
17.07.2018 - 00:28 von KS

Even in the Monday round, the youngsters at the EYTCC did not spare the nerves of the spectators. Fights were fought, there were numerous decisive matches and in some age groups teams fired their way out of the title fight.

Romania is still on course in the U18 Open. The Austrian opponent had to accept an early defeat on board 3, because Marc Morgunov lost a bishop early and had to give up immediately. Not much better was his brother Dirk, who could not avert a defeat on the fourth board. Thus Romania's success was almost impossible to take away. Because board 1 had no view for any side on a full point, accordingly the peace pipe was smoked in a dead draw rook end game. Romania had collected the necessary 2.5 board points and the result on board 2 no longer played a role.

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