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  The chess-classics with Andreas Jagodzinsky
15.07.2018 von KS

"Why are the games and the old grandmasters still being dealt with," Jagodzinsky begins his lecture. The question was addressed to the players who attended this event.

A player answers: "So that we can learn the tactics of the game. “

This would only be a quote from a coach, Jagodzinsky replied. In the same breath he asked the coach Tatjana Melamed to present whether this was true. She just laughed.

Arguments that speak for the analysis of games of the past world champions were brought by the speaker for competitive sport of the German Chess Federation himself: One could understand how the chess game had changed over the decades, first all victims were accepted, then one trained the individual phases of the game and finally every chess player can report on how the training is structured.

After this little preface, he went straight to work and analyzed a chess game of Lasker against Tarrash. For this he asked the question whether Lasker had been a good psychologist.

In the course of the analysis he came to the conclusion that Lasker did not have a particularly pronounced opening knowledge. No other player gives his opponent as much after the opening as Lasker. However, Lasker was, in his opinion, an excellent tactician who, like any good player today, is. Lasker managed to complicate it if he had a worse position and made it as difficult as possible for his opponent.

Ann-Marie Mütsch won a book for the right move. And Jagodzinsky's son wanted another raffle because he also wanted to win something. However, this proposal was not adopted. And so he finished his presentation and wished all the present and absent players much success in the tournament.

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