The EYTCC 2018 is going to start
12.07.2018 - 00:52

In the meantime (almost) all federations have arrived in the beautiful town Bad Blankenburg. The teams showed up with much anticipation and strong coaches from all over Europe to fight for the title “European champion”. Before the competition even started, however, there was a lot to discuss this evening on 07/11/2018. Therefore tournament director Bernd Vökler and chief arbiter Klaus Deventer invited to the "Captains Meeting", where all questions got answered.

The time control (90 minutes for 40 moves and 30 minutes for the remainder of the game + 30 seconds per move starting at the first move) was still relatively clear. As well as the fact that in the first 10 minutes of every match photos may be taken and mobile phones, laptops, watches and private pens are forbidden. There was more talk about the U-12 matters. According to the theme "every beginning is difficult" 9 teams have registered in the U12 Open and 6 teams in the U12 female. A standard Swiss system is therefore not feasible. After some discussions the captains of the concerning countries concerned agreed to play the U12 Open in a simple round system and to play the U12 female in a double round tournament. This ensures that all players get many games to prove themselves on the international stage, but also to gain important experience.

Non-chess activities are also provided, as Bernd Vökler explained. In addition to various soccer pitches, a fitness room and swimming pool are also available.

The Landessportschule Bad Blankenburg also takes care of your physical well-being. The management of the house was even so prudent to make the meal plan available in all national languages so that everyone can feel like being home.

Thus, the players' well-being is ensured by sufficient water, apple spritzer and food in the tournament hall. After the round there will be a lecture by national coach Dorian Rogozenco on the subject of Emanuel Lasker. We, the organizers, players, coaches and accompanying persons are ready to start into the tournament and spend an exciting week at the European Youth Team Chess Championship.

While the participants of the youth tournament still have a day of relaxation, a group of young people under the direction of Sergej Galdunts had to get to work and completed a training of several hours. A future team for a European Youth Championship is growing up here and many of the participants will represent the German colors in summer and autumn at European and World Championships.


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